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Mandatory Health Screenings Entering Appropriate Grade-Level


It will be necessary for all students entering the particular grade-levels to have the appropriate medical clearances.


Transferring Students

  1. Transferring Students need to sign a release for medical records at the school the student is currently attending or previously attended.  Medical records will be mailed to GSS.
  2. Immunization Summary
  3. Permission for Health Screening  and Health Services
  4. Private Physician's Exam Report  
  5. Student Health Questionnaire  (Mandatory Every Year)


PreKindergarten (3 and 4 yr olds)

  1. Health History Form
  2. Physical and Immunization Record
  3. Copy of Immunization Record from your child's physician 
  4. Required Flu Shot deadline Oct. 31st



  1. Important Notice  to Kindergarten Parents
  2. Kindergarten Requirements
  3. Private Physician's Exam Report
  4. Immunization Summary  (See Kindergarten Requirements)
  5. Permission for Health Screening  and Health Services


Incoming Sixth Grade (should be done in summer before school year)

  1. Letter for Re-Immunization
  2. Private Physician's Exam Report