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Dear Friend of GSS,

     Imagine a world without Catholic Education.  I thankfully cannot.  In fact, I will not. I have been blessed with a Catholic Education from Elementary School through High School and even through college at La Salle University.  The education I have received may be very similar to yours, but I was completely unaware of the magnitude of the investment my mother made in my family at that time, with help from each Catholic school we all attended.  I’d like to share a personal story as to one of the many ways donating to an Annual Fund impacts the lives of others.
     As the child of a Catholic School 2nd-Grade teacher and oldest of four children, I did not know what my mom had to do to support my siblings and myself in Catholic Schools.  Then one day as a freshman at Cardinal O’Hara High School, I experienced the sheer power of generous giving.  I had a general idea at the time, but my mother could not really afford a Catholic Education for her four children without tuition assistance.  I found out she made an appointment with the President of the school and pleaded for aid, which was graciously granted.  Being so proud of the fact that her family would be able to continue attending Catholic Schools, she told me that through other people’s generosity, we were able to continue going to school.  All four of us were able to go to St. Gabriel’s Elementary School and O’Hara because of the generosity of people like you !  For me, college was not much different.  I applied for, and received, enough aid to carry me through my four years at La Salle University.  In my senior year of college, I had the honor of speaking with La Salle’s highest donors at our Charter Dinner Celebration.  My message to them revolved around total gratitude for what they were able to give so that students like me could attend an excellent Catholic Institution, enriching and developing the education and faith that I still hold today.
     Again, this is just one way in which your assistance with our yearly giving is seen. Your willingness to donate whatever you are able to the Good Shepherd School Annual Fund cannot be understated.  Fresh ideas and positivity abound through the hallways of the school, but it is not an easy task without your help. Every dollar you donate goes right back to the students of Good Shepherd. Whether that looks like increasing the technology in our classrooms, extra resources to enhance the learning experiences especially in STREAM (Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) or even giving the chance for a student, like myself, to attend our school.
     Good Shepherd is a place where we live our Catholic Faith everyday through prayer with action and develop our need to serve others.  Our students receive a tremendous gift every day that many of them do not realize they receive.  But it is through donations like yours that will continue to give the young people in this community a top-notch education and the daily opportunity to develop their own relationship with God in our school.
     For those of you who have given in the past, I thank you.  And I ask you to please consider renewing or increasing your gift.  Please take the included pledge card, or visit under “Support GSS”, and make a prayerful contribution to help our future physicians, lawyers, teachers, cosmetologists, construction workers, engineers, and yes, maybe even principals.  I would not be here in my position without the generosity of others assisting my family throughout my education.  As mentioned, every dollar you give goes right back to the students.  If you would like to support our school directly through a scholarship of full or partial tuition, please feel free to contact me. Any gift can be made in honor of a student, a teacher or in memory of a cherished loved one.
     So, I think back to the beginning of this letter and ask myself why I will not imagine life without Catholic Education.  I will not for our students who need this environment to grow academically, socially and spiritually.  I will not for our future students who deserve every bit of a faith-filled education. And I will not for your children, relatives and friends who value a Catholic Education. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated and will make an immediate impact in our school and community.

Take care and God Bless,
Ray Bonnette, Principal

PS: Does your employer have a matching gift program? It is a quick and easy way to increase your gift to GSS.