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WEEK OF 03/23/20



Youtube Site: CBubbles/Mr. Tumble’s Nursery Rhymes Playlist (yellow
Materials: Computer/television with Youtube access, paper, crayons
Song 1: Five Speckled Frogs – Listen to song. Work on counting backwards from
5 to 0, rhyming words (pool/cool). Answer: What did the frogs eat? What sound
do frogs make?
Song 2: Wind the Bobbin Up – Listen to the song. Do the actions: wind up the
bobbin, pull, wind the bobbin backwards, clap 1-2-3, point to the ceiling, floor,
window, door (rhyming words floor/door).
Song 3: There’s a Worm at the Bottom of the Garden – Listen to the song.
Answer: What is the name of the worm? (Wiggly Woo) What is the worm
wearing? (hat, glasses, bowtie). Move to the song. Draw a picture of the worm in
the garden.


Youtube Site: Action Songs for Kids/The Singing Walrus
Materials: Computer/television with access to Youtube, paper, pencil
Listen to the song. Repeat and do the actions. Answer: What instruments are the
animals playing? (guitar, bass, drums, tambourine)

Grade 1:

Youtube Site: Brain Breaks-Action Songs for Children-Move and Freeze-Kids
Songs by The Learning Station
Materials: Computer/television with Youtube, paper, pencil
Watch the video all the way through. Repeat and do the actions in the song. The
last action must be done with a partner, so find a sibling or parent and have fun.
Answer the last question on the video.

Grade 2:

Youtube Site: Freeze Dance/Freeze Song/Freeze Dance for Kids/The Kiboomers
Materials: Computer/television with Youtube

Learn the freeze dance. Follow along with the movements in the song.

Grade 3:

Youtube Site: Beginner Recorder – 20 Lessons
Materials: Computer/television with access to Youtube, recorder
Lessons 5-8
Lesson 5: Reading Music – follow the video with the staff, notes and pitch
placement. Read B, A, G on the staff and play along with the songs Hot Cross
Buns and Mary Had a Little Lamb
Lesson 6: More B-A-G Songs – Learn 3 new songs using B-A-G. A) Upside
Down Hot Cross Buns, B) Jumping Bean, and C) German Lullaby
Lesson 7: Tonguing While Playing the Recorder – use of the syllable “Ta” while
playing the songs above.
Lesson 8: 3 New Notes – Learning the E, low D, and low C

Grade 4:

Youtube Site: Beginner Recorder – 20 Lessons
Materials: Computer/television with access to Youtube, recorder
Lessons 8b-10
Lesson 8B -Using the New Notes E, D, C – Learning about time signatures in
music, playing along with the new notes.
Lesson 9 – O Susanna (Part 1) – Following and reading along with the first half ot
the song.
Lesson 10 – O Susanna (Part 2) – Following and reading along with the second of
the song. Putting the 2 halves together to create a complete song.

Grade 5:

Youtube Site: Beginner Recorder – 20 Lessons
Materials: Computer/television with access to Youtube, recorder
Lessons 11 and 12
Lesson 11: Learning the C scale
Lesson 12: Learning the D scale, us9ing the F#

Grade 6:

Youtube Site: Putumayo Mexico
Materials: Computer/television with access to Youtube, paper, pencil/pen
Listen to El Tecolote. Translate song title. Research an author from Mexico and
write a short biography, including some of their published materials by title. This
can be typed.

Grade 7:

Youtube Site: Your First Music Composition Lesson-For Beginners
Materials: Computer/television with access to Youtube, lined paper, pencil
Follow along with the lesson. You can work on lined paper. Just use 5 lines for
each staff and leave space between staves. If you don’t get this right away, don’t
worry about it. Go back and review the lesson and follow along with how the
instructor puts his song together. You cannot get this wrong.

Grade 8:

Youtube Site: Flamingos from Fantasia 2000 (Camille Saint-Saens – Carnival of
the Animals Finale)
Materials: Computer/television with access to Youtube, paper, pencil,
crayons/colored pencils/markers (your choice)
Watch the video. See how the animator had the characters move to various
sections of the music. Pick a song and create a flipbook to move top the song.





General Music


Each grade, from Pre-K through 8th, will visit the new Music Room on the second floor.  There we will be learning about movement, melody, instruments, theory, and various other areas that are involved in the Creative Arts.

Pre-K usually comes to music with a love of movement, singing and, sometimes just singing silly songs.

Kindergarten focuses on movement, singing voices and, most especially, listening.

Grade 1 continues with movement and starts to add in the basic music theory to steady beat and symbols.

Grade 2 will work on melody recognition, singing alone and in groups, and identifying notes.

Grades 3, 4, & 5 are playing recorders.  Grade 3 will be purchasing their recorders kits this year, and Grades 4 & 5 will be continuing with their recorders and progressing along, working toward the completion certificates at the end of Grade 5.

The Junior High students have a number of programs this year.  For the 1st marking, each group will be working on various degrees of music theory, each one having work sheets, activity sheets and review quizzes to help them understand how music works.  At the end of the marking period they will each take a final test based upon what they have learned that marking period.

We also have available two choirs for our children:  the Angel Choir, which includes students from Grades K through 3.  They usually sing for the class masses that correspond to their grades and, sometimes, for special Masses; and our Senior Choir, which includes students from Grades 4 through 8,  This group has two outside performance opportunities.  The first is the Thanksgiving Parade in Philadelphia.  This will be our fourth year participating in the Mass Youth Choir experience on the Ar Museum steps and every year the students who choose to go have a wonderful and educational time, learning to work with about 900+ other students from the Delaware Valley and Beyond.  We are also going to New York City to join other choirs in the American Pueri Cantores who participate in a group Mass in one of the large churches in NYC.  I hope that we have full participation in these two events as they really highlight Good Shepherd School,  Look for updates on these and other activities for this school year.